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Created: 25/08/16
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dale said,
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Anxiety is tricky beast. It's often misunderstood as simply being stressed or worried. We all experience anxious feelings from time to time, but do those feelings ever stick around long after the stressful situation has passed?

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Billy said,

This week I told my girlfriend that I'm gay, and we should take a step back in our nine month relationship, and turn it into a housemate thing. When I told her she hardened somewhat, however agreed its for the best. We have a lot in common vegetarian/vegan, like gardening, similar star signs, both work with our hands, etc...and are compatible as flatmates. I told we have been talking and things seem amicable. So in some ways the situation is over, I came out to her. But I'm anxious as hell! When I"m alone, I experience intense anxiety- I don't identify as gay, but then why do I sleep with men from time to time. my stomach is churning all the time as I think about what other people will think of me now that I have taken a step back from the relationship for the sake of getting some clarity. She will have to tell her friends I told her I'm gay to explain. I'm torn between having her hide my secret and out me to whoever, to hell with everyone. But I hate that label. i'm a man who has slept with men, and wishes to do so from time to time. On an on the thoughts race, the guilt of being confused about my desires, and the ongoing irrational fears of nothing in particular stampede. Anxiety truly is a tricky beast.

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Billy said,
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how do others cope with feelings of anxiety, guilt, exposure, and fear of disclosing sensitive personal information to others? How do you accept yourself in times like that?

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