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Attracted to women physically but men sexually?

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Created: 21/04/17
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Openvers said,
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So having been bisexual since my mid teens I've had a good amount of time to try to rationalise why I have a desire to engage in sexual activity with men.
For me sex with men has always been about the sex. I have never looked at a guy in sexual way in a bar or on the street, or wanted to be in a relationship with a guy (although I have wondered what it would be like.)
Whereas with women I find them hugely attractive in every possible way.
Does anybody else have the same kind of feelings? What does anybody else make of this?

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unsureguy said,

When I'm out and about in public, I rarely find myself thinking sexual thoughts about men I see, while I find myself thinking about women regularly. In private though I do seek out men and do find them physically attractive. For me it could be not wanting to deal with the stigma of my same sex attraction because I'm not 'out'.
I've also never felt the desire to be in a relationship with a man. I think that the uncomplicated nature of encounters just being based on the physical act of sex part of the appeal to be honest.

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Clive65 said,

I have been in a hetero marriage for many years (second). My kids have grown up and moved out and had their own kids. Ever since my early years where I had brief male sexual encounters (only twice in 30 years) I have longed for a satisfying male sexual relationship. Would like it if anyone could suggest a way forward to realise this. I am not "out" and would like to know if there are any techniques to overcome this.

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Freddie said,

Hi Clive65, its a tricky one finding someone like minded. If you want to ensure descretion. I live in Newcastle and sometimes travel for work so try and link up when I go on trips. sometimes on craigslist, chat-avenue and in Sydney I sometimes go to a sauna.

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amyr said,
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Hello All.. i need help

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