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Created: 13/06/17
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krispletarse said,

Thanks James76 for starting this thread as it mirrors the daily struggle I have. I'm in my early 40's, married to a woman I love and together have four healthy, happy kids. Two years ago I admitted to my wife that I thought I was gay. This occurred because our sex life was waning and she thought I might be having an affair. I wasn't, I was just fantasizing about pleasing other men. After much heartache and discussion we stayed together deciding it was guilt from hiding a taboo fantasy. Our sex life improved when toys were introduced. It wasn't long though before we started having problems again. I will put a lot of pressure on myself that if I wasn't rock hard that our relationship was at stake. The irony of that though is sex is a mental state and if you are worried about losing your hard on, you probably will (unless you have a teenage libido🙂).
A couple of weeks ago, after another failed tumble, I told her I was still struggling with my sexual identity. I was emboldened by the posts on here to be honest with her. If I am honest with myself admitting I'm gay feels a lot truer than saying I am not.
I am at the point now where I am asking, how do I give up the loving world I know, (she still loves me and wants me to be her husband) and enter a life I have little or no knowledge of. My experience with other men is limited to massages, which I really enjoyed and looking at Craigslist posts.
I live in the bayside suburbs of Brisbane and I am worried about entering a world of cum drops, glory holes and blo n go's.

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Freddie said,
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Hi Krisp, I sounds familiar the sex anxiety and hardness ritual. I know what you are saying and the frustration involved

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