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Created: 14/06/17
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bottomboy said,
Beginning of thread

My wife stopped having sex with me many years ago and is simply not interested. I love sex and always have and do not intend to stop because she does not want to assist me to enjoy this special part of me. Her decision...not mine and I was not given a choice. I have no intention of hurting my marriage or telling anyone else...it is my business only. I am a well adjusted and secure 68 yo bottom.

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freddie said,

I like your confidence, I hope to gain that over time. To find a secure friend with benefits is something many of us are looking for.

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bottomsup said,

Due to password issue BOTTOMBOY has changed his name to BOTTOMSUP sorry for any confusion

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James66 said,

If you can secure regular enjoyable sex and still be happy with your home life....it sounds like a win win situation. Isn't everyone happy? Surely you have the right to enjoy seex as much as your wife can decide it is not for her anymore.

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Reply hidden by moderator 27/06/17
Derek said,

I have only recently been outed / self outed over having real dates. I LOVE sex..... and had similar experiences to BottomBoy who started this. Initially my wife encouraged me to find and have sex. I thought we could live with that since I only meet guys when I work in Sydney (ever other week) and have agreed to not meet guys in Tassie where we live. However, this seems to have eaten into her recently, and things are looking rocky..... I really hoped we could live together with our two teenage girls, and have the sex on the side..... I really see and enjoy it as a recreation.... there is no long term commitment in any of it, and i am very careful.....

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Freddie said,
End of thread

Derek, sounds pretty good set up whilst working. Shame you don't travel to Newcastle every other week.

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