Gay Firemen...(but not fully out)

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Created: 14/07/17
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FiremanSam said,
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Hi Guys.. First i just wanna say its a great and much needed site..
My story briefly..
Knew i was Gay in High School , but because of the times found it easier to follow the 'straight road'..
Got married, and stayed happy although fighting my man urges until my wife(ex now) saw my internet history and saw that I was looking at gay sites, Gaydar etc.. She had the conversation with me.. Admitting the she actually had suspected. Married 28 years, now separated . I came out to a few close friends. Nearly all agreed that they had also suspected. what the? . i always thought i had acted very straight. Now my problem ..I haven't come out to my folks, they are of the era that Gay people just aren't quite right and i think it may really upset them, which I don't want to do at this time of their lives. And secondly I have come out at work.. A Gay fireman?.. I don't think so.. Not sure how it would go down, despite changes for the good it is still very much an old boys club.. Any advice on what I should do..

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Tom said,
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While it would be a great relief to come out at work, it might also be good to consider how long that workplace will still be part of your life. Maybe there is a work colleague you could come out to who would not betray your confidence? If so, that could be a first step. A supportive workmate might make it easier to tell more people in the longer term. As for the parents, I can't imagine that wouldn't be hard, so maybe someone else can offer a better viewpoint than I can?

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