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Was married and now out!

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Created: 29/05/17
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Stu said,
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Hey men.....I am an average guy that was married, loved his wife, had 3 beautiful daughters and always knew something was quite right. I came out six years ago, and have never looked back. Definitely hard at times but all in all its worked out OK. Can I answer any questions for anyone? I also help run the support group gamma.org.au

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walfred1946 said,

Stu, I think I'll have to look on your site. I'm in Canberra, but am semi-out, if I can put it that way. I'm not running around telling people - and my 18 yo daughter living at home hasn't been told, specifically. However, I'm visiting an ex-workmate once or twice a week and I'm sure my daughter understands that we don't get together to discuss the weather! Anyway, my problem is how to form friendships with guys in my situation (70, retired, gay, but not 'into the scene'). I've had a lifetime being charming to women. How do I get started with men who are like me?

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