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Married, happy but something beckons.

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Created: 13/06/17
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Bi curious said,

Hey bbruno. How are the urges going? Im in the same situation and the urges are killing me but the getting stronger with the fantasy of meeting up secretly with someone without my wife knowing exciting me more especially in a public place. I guess i like the risk of it all but would be devasted if i got caught. I have even denied it and got mad at my wife when she questioned me about the possibility of me maybe being gay as she thinks that might be am underlying problem for my anger ams depressio issues. My wife and i enjoy a good sex life and she enjoys watch gay porn together and play with toys, however, im not satisfied and still find myself wanting a real man .

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James76 said,
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I'm 40 and married with young kids. Very very happy in my life but really really want physical male contact but the guilt kills me. But I can't stop thinking about it which make me feel like a bad person. What can I do?

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luke45married said,
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Hello James, I'm Luke and I'm in a very similar situation. I can't stop dreaming about men and it's overwhelming me

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