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Created: 20/06/17
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13124689 said,
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I am 39 married with 2 young kids, my life is good love my wife and kids. I have however been attracted to guys as long as I can remember and have has many hook ups. I guess best way to put it in simple terms is I enjoy both relationships but need to find a better way to manage it. Most my hook ups are on apps or paid for however have often wondered if people in a similar situation have managed to find a regular partner? Given the need for discretion I am guessing it maybe challenging....

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freddie said,

Hi numbers, I am in a similar boat. I would like to think there is a few of us out there however the difficulty is meeting like for like. Most aren't willing to chase it through apps or websites I don't think. We may need a special handshake.

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Bloomy said,

Hi 13124689,

Managing one life is enough for most people, but I do understand your situation. I don't think there is a magic solution to finding a "permanent part-time lover". Meet people, talk about what you want, but in the long term, most single people do want some kind of commitment and don't want to hide how they might feel about someone else.

You might find it difficult to have a long-term relationship with someone that is out, gay, and single because you're going to want discretion, secrecy, and simply won't always be available when they want you. I think that's a big list of demands before you've even substantiated the relationship in any way. Don't you think?

Someone in a similar situation as yourself may be a better match, as you both want the same things.

One thing for sure is that you need to take necessary precautions to maintain your sexual health. Wearing condoms, using water based lube, and having regular sexual health testing.

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Confused and lonely said,
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I would like to know the same thing especially when discretion is a must as im not really to come out and enjoy living two seperate lives

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