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Created: 09/09/17
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Jet23 said,
Beginning of thread

Perhaps there are women out there who can allow their husbands to get off with other guys and still come home to their wife and kids. Come to think of it, my attraction to guys are just physical, nothing hits my prostate climax than a cock hitting it, but at the same time, nothing can compare with my intense orgasm when I pull off inside a woman. But that remains as sex. My love and devotion to my wife and kids is different. It's sacred. I will not leave them for the world - I said to myself.

My wonderings only lasted for a while, and my ex-wife discovered my part-time lover's messages. We separated but remain friends. Now, being single, I am hoping to meet a 'permanent part-time lover', like 2-3 hours of sex a week. A healthier option from having multiple partners.

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Bloomy said,

Hey Jet23,

Whatever works for you. There are some women that can accept open marriages, but in my experience, there are not many. If you want such an agreement then, I would expect that the woman can choose to have a lover on the side also.

Anything is negotiable, but when the rules favour one side or seem inequitable in some way, then the negotiations are likely to fail.

I hope you find your permanent part-time lover and remember, stay healthy!

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Confused and lonely said,
End of thread

Hey Jet23. I admire your honesty. Just wondering if you are out to everyone or id its just your ex that knows and if the regular permanent part time lover would become anything more.

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