Married but wanting male company

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Created: 11/11/17
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123itsme said,
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Hey guys. I too am married but have been interested in guys since high school. I've played with guys on and off since and have tried to supress it but lately, things haven't been that great with the wife. My wife hardly shows any intimacy to me. It's rare that she kisses me, hugs me, touches me let alone sex. We haven't had sex in years now. Needless to say old habits have come back and I've found myself meeting up with guys again. I never used to think that I was up for a gay relationship, I always just thought of it as fun but lately I think I could be gay. I am starting to really miss the emotional connection in my life and I think making it up in other ways is certainly not helping. I'm starting to feel quite sad and depressed about it all. But it's impossible to talk to my wife. She too is struggling with things and is on medication for anxiety. Certainly would appreciate the chance to talk to others in similar situations.

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