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Created: 07/07/18
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Abc said,
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For my whole life unti I was about 45 I was only attracted to women.

When I was a young teenager at sleep overs I encouraged friends to get their dicks out and we would do this probably to compare, but not for touching or sex. Closest to a gay experience was when I asked a mate to rub his dick against his sheet to wank but he wouldnt. However, we were both naked and horny and he went to put his dick in my arse but I stopped him. 

I am now 48 and married with children. Iwatch gay porn every night and check out guys and fantasise about gay sex. One night I went to a sauna, but did nothing possibly because there was only a few old guys there.

I still find women attractive. 

Its strange that Ive only felt this way for the last couple of years. Has anyone also felt like this or have any idea why or what I am?

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Mattyp_91 said,

I havent always been attracted to guys either, although it seems like upu had some experiences earlier than I did. From what Ive read and heard we rarely fit into boxes, and sexuality is more fluid than we think.

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happy_wanderer said,
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im in a similar boat. My SM exposure has been limited to one or two events. I find it hard to define who am I.

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