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Jimbo said,

Thanks for sharing - and yes, I agree, sexuality and sexual attraction is highly personal, and can certainly change throughout life.

You describe some teenage exploration with other guys, and then your first personal experience with same-gender attraction many years later...I see this type of scenario as self-discovery and natural changes. Our minds and sexuality are complex and individual.

I dated women in my teens and early 20s, and at that time my attraction to men was deeply suppressed - I could probably have passed a polygraph lie detector, adamantly denying any gay thoughts. But once I removed the stigma and fear, my same-sex attraction was not something shameful I needed to suppress. And now, I'm happy and love my life, and I've achieved the allusive "pride" they talk about.

All I can say is good on you, being open to experiencing your evolving self and living your life authentically.

It's not always easy, but if you ever need extra help I recommend the Support tab at the top of this page.

All the best mate,


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