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Created: 20/10/19
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Kz83 said,
Beginning of thread

The Dale initiative is great and I’m finding it quite comforting reading the stories of other men in similar situations, albeit at different stages of life (from men my age in their 30s to grandfathers). However as I go through this journey I find that I’m yearning for more personal contact with similar minded people just to chat and talk through things with someone that totally gets it and would like to build a platonic friendship. Cruising sex boards unfortunately doesn’t result in the same outcome.
We’re a very unique bunch but as time goes by I’m sure we are going to grow in number. Some of us may not have full support of family, nor end up being understood by people in the gay community so having a select few “friends” on the same page would ultimately give men like us a more positive outlook for the future.
I understand that there is limited funding available for this sort of initiative but giving us the ability to reach out to men from similar locations and demographics would be great without necessarily attending a GAMMA style meeting. I don’t feel ready to take that plunge.
I might be speaking only for myself here but I’m sure there would be others who feel the same and would like to connect without the expectation of sex.

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Sailor said,

Hey there Kz.
I completely agree. It would certainly be a positive to be able to connect with men in our situation and share our experiences along this journey. Being understood and accepted by others in our gay community is a challenge I've experienced first hand. Like you, I've been apprehensive about attending GAMMA style meetings, but I have finally taken that plunge and it has been extremely helpful. But having private chat...developing a relationship..platonic albeit..would be a real help.

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Steve said,

Hello Kz
Spot on. I live in regional Victoria. Very difficult to connect with like minded men. I know they're out there! I would attend a GAMMA style meeting if it was in Vic. Have joined the Country Network. Struggling to make 'in person' connections. Really tough. People join these networks for many reasons. At this stage I just want to talk. If something develops with the right person, great! Small steps. My situation is complicated - still married to a women I love!

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PaulSamesh said,

Great to see live chats back up and running!

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