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Created: 26/05/20
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Alex said,
Beginning of thread

Hi Gents

Well, here we all are, wondering why?, how? we arrived at this spot at this time.
It's not fair, it's not easy, it adds an extra layer of stuff to sort through in life, an extra layer that in a perfect world wouldn't even raise an eyebrow.

Never the less, hear we are.
My name is Alex, I'm 49 and I've been out as a "Bisexual Identifying" man for about the last 6ish years.

I've probably had it easier in some ways as I've never been married or had children so those beautiful complications aren't an issue for me, I only have those pesky voices in my head that call me "faggot" and tell me I'm "destined to die of AIDS" to deal with.

And that constant uneasiness that maybe I'm Gay and just too afraid to say it, to afraid of the stigma.

I spend my days looking men and thinking "hmmm you're hot" and then I might have a sexy as fuck dream about gorgeous women, most of my sexual fantasies are hetro but I have a crush on a beautiful Italian man at work, this for all of the mess and confusion is my life, its a mess but I'm lucky to live in a more enlightened time and feel there are resources like this site for me to lean on when needed.

I don't have the answers but life's messy for everyone so don't feel like its up to you to make it perfect cos it aint going to happen, you cant live your truth until you know what the fuck it is....

I wish you all the very best and hope you find some peace and joy that you fully deserve and look forward to being apart of this journey with you.



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Guy_Little said,

Hey Alex

Welcome. It's great to hear your story.

I am so happy to hear more and more people identifying as sexually non-binary. Attraction comes in all forms and is across a spectrum of sexuality. And yet, many people think that sexuality must be this, or that or another. Thank you for contributing to the increasing enlightenment within our community.

It's another example of "you cannot be what you cannot see". I'm sure there are other visitors to this site who will identify with your story.

As someone only 4 years out of a long marriage with two adult sons, I now enjoy living as my authentic self with a delightful male partner. This follows four decades of trying to please others by denying my sexuality.

Wishing you all the best on your continuing journey and hope to read more of your chats here.



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Alex said,

Hi Guy

Thanks for the reply
It’s great you have settled with someone you’re happy to be with, I’m hoping I get that one day too.

Take care


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Graham said,

Hi all
This Dale project has promise and I'm excited to be part of this.
Been married for 47yrs, but she died 7 yrs ago and been with my male partner for 4 yrs.
I'm very happy with my stage in life. I told my wife 22 yrs ago I liked men but stayed with her as she had dementia and needed my help.
Hope there are other in this joinery I can help

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Alex said,
End of thread

Hi Graham

Thanks for the message


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