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Is there anyone else who feels this way?

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Created: 23/11/20
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Rick36 said,
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First time poster. Just wondering if anyone else feels really stuck at the moment? I’m glad to have found this website and hope to be able to talk to a few guys in the same boat I guess. Lately I’ve been feeling that I’m really stuck in my marriage and need to acknowledge my attraction to other guys which I’ve been putting off for so long. I’d hate to cause my wife so much grief though - it feels like no matter what choice I make, its going to be very hard.

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Guy_Little said,

Hey Rick36
It's so good that you've reached out on this forum. Seeking support is a really healthful part of looking after you.
I recall feelings like yours ... I was married for 29 years and had two children. I wanted to try and keep my family in tact for the sake of my children. But, it was very challenging. Looking back, I can see that my intention was to minimise grief and pain for my wife and children. However, I was unwittingly causing them grief as I struggled to cope with living life without authenticity. I didn't find this forum while I was married. I so wish that I had done so as it felt so isolating to not have anyone to share my situation with.

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Confused2021 said,
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First time posting anywhere! I’ve been struggling for a couple of years now with trying to balance a happy family life with wife and two kids but also knowing I have been attracted to a particular guy I met at work a few years ago who at the time it wasn’t right to get involved in my complicated life!! I don’t want to do anything rash but I’m finding it’s harder and harder and don’t know what to do. I’m been diagnosed with chronic depression as a result for few years now. Seen marriage counselors

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