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Want to come out to wife

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Created: 23/04/17
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Jono said,

Hi OP, thanks for your story.
Its 4am, and its the first time im writing somthing like this online, im not entirely sure if its anxiety, depression but i tell myself it might be slight mental issues ive always had. Im 32, trying to steer this vehicle called life, you only get one go at it and i dont think im driving it right. Married my uni sweetheart, have 2 great kids 2/5, its supposed to be the greatest years of my life.... but i feel empty still.. i think its just lust, but that dosent stop me craving and thinking about my few encounters with older man.. mixed feelings have always troubled me, i dont feel entirely comfterble in my own skin, dont feel the same in my marrage, my wife loves me but im not on the same page yet... will i ever be on the same page, the grass looks greener on the ther side dosent it, i dont know if i can keep doing this.. sometimes it feels easier to just end it.. i dont believe in COMMING OUT, not right now anyways.... i think it has somthing to do with connecting with men that seems easier to me, in terms of conversation and rational thinking (no offence to females) that attracts me.. im not here for sympathy thou.. not sure if writing this will be any good to me.. why is life soo damm hard..

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Confused and lonely said,
End of thread

Hey unsure guy. Did you come out to your wife? How did you go about it?

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